The Farm: The Final Port-O-Call

The Farm, front view

The Farmers
Ray and Ceci

The Farm, rear view

This is a Home Page for Ray and Ceci. We have an international family, six children and ten grandchildren living in the following locations: One family in Norway, another in Belize, another in Alaska, another in Maui, Hawaii, another in Key West, Fl and one in Minnetonka, MN. We have a family web site at: This web site has a family tree page and a page with the family history,WhoWeAre, , which is constantly being added to, as the info gets collected. Ray and Ceci live on a remote farm in N.E. Pine County in east central Minnesota.

Raymond R. and Cecilia H. Rath
58086 Park Hills Rd.
Bruno, MN 55712
United States

Our sailing days are over! Click on this button and read why. Then read about some of our specific experiences at the following sites.
The story of our visit to the Faroe Islands was published by Cruising World magazine.
A story of a routine passage in the Greek Islands that turned nasty.
A story of our passage through the Caledonian Canal in northern Scotland which included sailing on the legendary Loch Ness in search of the Loch Ness monster.
The Tale of a Sea-Going-Cat who missed her last Port-o-Call!
The story of a planned routine passage from Cadiz, Spain to Gibraltar that turned out to be anything but routine.

The letters received over a period of about two years from a former crew member who left the Cecilia at Alexandria, Egypt to work as crew on another vessel that was leaving for the Red Sea to do dive chartering. Highly entertaining to say the least!!

Now that you have finished looking at the sailing websites, you can get a lot of genealogy information at the following websites:

Family Tree Maker

is THE genealogy application that was used to create the Rath Family Tree. A copy of the family tree list can be seen under The Family Tree page on the rathfamily website. However the original tree data is stored on this FamilyTreeMaker website and can be manipulated in many useful ways that I can not duplicate on the Rath Family Website.
In addition to the family tree list,( four pages), other genealogy data can be displayed and accessed by going to the following site:

The initial block diagram called up is for Darcy and Tali Rath, on the Schaar side of the tree. Scroll and click on Michael John Rath and you will get the block diagram that goes all the way to John Rath. Then you can go from there to anyone on the family tree.

Also from this page, a complete alphabetical list of all the names in the file can be called up by typing the letter F on the keyboard. Since it is a large file it takes a little time to bring up depending on the speed of your computer and connection.

Then by clicking on any name in the alphabetical list, the specific data for that name is shown. By double clicking on the name a block diagram family tree for that name is called up. It is a huge document but you can navigate around it by using scroll bars. By clicking on any block you get that block(name) in the center of the page with ancestors to one side and descendants to the other side. Complete instructions on the use of that capability are given below the first window pulled up.

Once you get into the FamilyTreeMaker Website the only way to return to this website is to hit your browser "Back" button on the menu until this page comes up. Then you can click on the item below to return to The Rath Family Net Home Page.

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Last Update: 20 April,1999