Which Rath Family are WE?

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Raymond Rath

This site has been established and is being maintained to provide information to and be a point of contact for the descendants of Valentin Rath and Anna Maria Fesser Rath who emigrated, with their son, John, in 1859, from Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany to Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Valentin and Anna Maria, circa 1890

This particular branch of the Sheboygan Raths descends from Valentin and Anna Maria via Valentine Phillip Rath (married to Magdalena Mary Friedricks Rath), William Michael Rath (married to Marthe Ernestine Aubertin Rath), father and son from Antigo, Wisconsin.

Those responsible for establishing and maintaining this web site are Raymond Robert Rath (married to Cecilia Cantu Haro Rath), son of William Michael and Marthe Ernestine, and his son Anthony(Tony) Brian Rath (married to Therese Bowman Rath).

Raymond presently resides on a remote farm in Minnesota, USA and Tony in Belize, Central America.

Raymond & Cecilia, 1994

The significance of the world map on the introductory page is that some member of the family of Raymond lives at the end of each of the trails shown on that global map, to wit:

Michael John Rath in Naknek, Alaska;
Patricia Rae Rath Anderson, in Minnetonka, Minnesota;
William(Bill) Gilbert Rath in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii;
Tony in Belize;
Marthe(Mardee) Delia Rath Eamilao in Key West, Florida; and
Rebecca Lou Rath Haaland in Sandnes, Norway.

Of further significance is that William Michael Rath married a french war bride in France,
after WWI, going back to France almost 3 years after the war, to marry her.

William M. & Marthe E., newly weds

Raymond married a Mexican-American bride during WWII as a G.I. stationed in Arizona.
Tony Rath married a Belizean bride in Belize.
Marthe Delia married a Philippino young man while a Peace Corp volunteer in the Philippines and
Rebecca Lou married a Norwegian young man while in Norway.

So the family is just like the world wide web, it has tenacles into all parts of the world.
It is only fitting that we set up such a website.

Raymond will be 75 this August(1999) and Dustin Rae Eamilao, Marthe Delia's son, was one year old last October.
This branch of the family has six children and ten grandchildren with Raymond and Dustin the two extremes!

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